Don Lemon: I Am Surprised that White House Press Corps Aren’t Enraged as Much as They Should Be

‘I am surprised, quite honestly, that more people aren’t outraged’


LEMON: "Here’s what I have to say. I am surprised, quite honestly, that more people aren’t outraged and I’m surprised that the White House press — the White House Correspondents' Association has not taken a harder stance on this. And I’m surprised that everyone sitting in that room, that you’re the only one standing out there on a limb saying this is not right.”
ACOSTA: “Well, my friend, April Ryan, did chime in today and say — “
LEMON: “April is going to come in.”
ACOSTA: “I think it’s a great question.”
LEMON: “Here’s what I want to say, if I’m a member of the White House press corps and Fox News asks a question and Sean Spicer doesn’t answer, then I’m going to ask the same question. And if they don’t answer that question at CNN, then I would expect NBC and CBS, ABC, the A.P., and everybody else to ask the question, especially the one about why aren’t the cameras rolling over and over and over again until you get an answer or until they’re fed up of not answering. I think that someone has to take a stand and turn the cameras on and see what the ramifications are because they can’t kick everybody out. And it is the American people’s cameras and not the White House cameras."

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