Scarborough: Trump’s Win ‘Is Really an Indictment of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party’

‘This is really an indictment of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party’


EARNEST: "If part of our challenge is making sure that people in -- working class people in Minnesota know that Democrats are fighting for them — I’m interested in your theory about why so many working class voters not just in Minnesota but across the Midwest see Donald Trump as their champion? He is a billionaire from New York. What does he have in common with a kid in Minnesota who is growing up in a two bedroom, one bathroom house?" 
FRANKEN: "Not a lot." [crosstalk] 
SCARBOROUGH: "So why do they -- they vote for him? [crosstalk] Because this is -- we laugh about Donald Trump. This is really an indictment of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party." 
FRANKEN: "I think it’s an indictment of 40 years of people remembering what it was like when I grew up." 
FRANKEN: "And I think it’s 40 years of people seeing their opportunities squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. Now, we have a different view of -- of how that works."

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