CNN Sent a Sketch Artist to Off-Camera Sean Spicer Briefing

‘CNN did not send a cartoonist in order to make fun of the briefing’

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CNN Sent a Sketch Artist to Off-Camera Sean Spicer Briefing (Mediaite)

Today’s Sean Spicer press briefing was off-camera and the audio only went up after it was over. So CNN actually sent over a sketch artist.

No, seriously.

According to CNN’s Brian Stelter, Bill Hennessy––who normally does sketches for Supreme Court proceedings––was sent to the briefing today, and yes, he sketched out what it looked like when reporters were asking Sean Spicer questions.

CNN has been particularly critical about the limited press access on briefings more recently, and Stelter told Brooke Baldwin on-air this afternoon––following CNN’s airing of the full briefing audio––that this was about “getting creative.”

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