CNN Asks Kellyanne Conway Five Times What POTUS Is Doing to Stop Election Hacking

‘What is the White House, what is President Trump now doing, to prevent Russia from doing this again?’

CNN Asks Conway Five Times What POTUS is Doing to Stop Election Hacking (NTK Network)

CNN host Alisyn Camerota asked senior White House senior staffer Kellyanne Conway in an interview on Friday about a Washington Post report that Vladimir Putin ordered the 2016 election hacks, and what the White House is doing to stop future election attacks from happening.

Conway did not give any clear answers to the question. Instead, President Trump’s 2016 campaign manager offered talking points about how Trump won the election fair and square.

“No nexus has been proven between what Russia or any other foreign government tried to do and the actual election result. Really the only person making that case prominently is Hillary Clinton,” Conway said.

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