Ned Ryun: Russia Didn’t Cause Dems to Lose 1100 Seats Since 2010 or GOP To Have 33 Governor’s Mansions

‘We lost 1100 elections since Obama came to power’

RYUN: "I think that Nancy Pelosi has been one of the great Democrats over time, but yes, at the end of the day, the only thing on measures the success or failure of a party is whether or not you win elections, and that is just not happening. We lost 1100 elections since Obama came to power. That is just unacceptable. But I also want to clear the air really quick a little bit about what actually happened at the DNC because I think that this morning they provided a lot of contacts about what it is like to work on Capitol Hill. An incredibly offensive phone call that the congressman received. I think that what happened was at the DNC, according to what I have heard, the FBI called, and he said listen, we hear that somebody might be hacking — that the Russians might be hacking your server, and the person who answered the phone was like okay, right, because we’ve gone crazy phone calls like that every single day. So it’s not just the DNC — "

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