MSNBC’s Dilanian: Today, Foreign Leaders Have Learned that They Can’t Take Trump at His Word

‘He said that Trump was trying to bluff and he has a history of doing it’

DILANIAN: "He also said that Trump’s tweet about the tapes led him to think about the memos that he wrote. And hand them over to his friend at Columbia University, who then leaked them to the news media. So we had weeks of stories where  it may have been one day about these conversations and the pressure that Trump allegedly put on Comey is that how he made him — I can’t imagine the White House thinks it was a good thing. The way I looked at it, I think Newt Gingrich said it well today. He said that Trump was trying to bluff and he has a history of doing it. He said he had dramatic revelation about Barack Obama’s birth place in 2011 and there was nothing there. During the campaign he said he had a secret plan to expedite victory over ISIS. There is no such secret plan. He is following Barack Obama’s plan. So this is Donald Trump in a nutshell. The thing is, you can do this as a real estate tycoon in New York but it is difficult as a politician. Because you have to go back to the same people who called your bluff and and do it again. Foreign leaders are watching and wondering whether they can take the president of the United States at his word and today we learned, you can’t."

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