David Avella: Under ObamaCare Millions of People Are Losing Their Health Care

‘Are you watching the news reports?’

AVELLA: "Let me help you. Millions of Americans are losing their health care right now. Are you watching the news reports? Indiana, ObamaCare, out. Ohio, people losing their health care. Go state after state, Iowa, out, ObamaCare out, people are losing their health care, people are losing their health care coverage right now. We need to move to a system that gets rid of the absurd taxes that were put on the health care system. We need to bring more free market ideas in so health care insurance companies come in and offer better plans that people want. Get rid of these mandates. Make people get coverage they don’t want. That’s where the bill starts. When the final bill that passes the Senate, is it going to have some tweaks and are our Senators will be going to put some ideas in? Absolutely. It is called the legislative process and today started that process."

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