Cruz: Bill Doesn’t Do Enough to Lower Premiums

‘As currently drafted, this bill draft does not do nearly enough to lower premiums’

CRUZ: "This current draft doesn't get the job done. But I believe we can get to yes. I believe we can get this done. There is an agreement to be reached. And I have been, for the last five months, working around the clock to get to that agreement, and I still believe we can get there. The key to getting an agreement, getting a bill that can pass, is we need common sense reforms in the bill that lower the cost of premiums. The single biggest reason that so many people are unhappy with ObamaCare, that are hurting under ObamaCare, is because it's caused premiums to skyrocket. When I'm home in Texas, I hear over and over again from Texans who say, 'I can't afford health insurance because of ObamaCare.' We've got to fix that. The current draft circulated this morning doesn't do nearly enough to lower the cost of premiums, but there are a number of common sense reforms that have wide agreement within the Republican conference that we can include and I think we should include."

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