Meacham: Trump’s ‘Lies ‘Reminiscent’ of the ‘Dear Leader’ in North Korea

‘What the dear leader says has to be followed’


BRZEZINSKI: “What is this reminiscent to even outside of the United States?”
MEACHAM: “Well, you’re alluding to fabled and terrible totalitarian regimes in Europe in the 1930s, I think, and the idea that — and also even now regimes like North Korea, where the dear leader speaks and we’re all supposed to salute.”
MEACHAM: “What are the parallels?”
BRZEZISNKI: “That what the dear leader says has to be followed, whether it’s associated with reality or not, whether it’s grounded in reality or not. It’s a cult of the state. It’s a cult not of religion and neighborhoods and civic life and an obligation to facts as we perceive them and through common sense, which was a huge part of really the American experiment in the beginning. We weren’t supposed to just listen to kings and clerics who for 1,000 years had had a monopoly on dictating the terms of reality. The point of the United States was that we all had the ability to look at reality, make our own decisions and participate in a collective enterprise to govern ourselves.”

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