Gingrich: ‘If I Were Donald Trump I Would Love to Run Against Eric Holder’

‘If all Eric Holder does is mobilize people on an ethnic basis, he won’t get even to close to the nomination’

GINGRICH: "No. Look, just the opposite. You just made the point now. He wants us to know he’s an African-American. Well, we know he’s an African-American. By itself, that is not particularly a credential. That is like saying the fact that Trump is white is a credential. Normally, that would be considered racism. Of course, if you are on the left, you can see it and it’s not racism. If all Eric Holder does is mobilize people on an ethnic basis, he won't get even to close to the nomination. The country doesn’t want division. We are second by how much divisiveness there already is. A country want someone to pull us together. I think frankly somebody like Governor McCullough of Virginia may be a more formidable candidate in 2020 because he can occupy a more centrist position. But of course, if I were Donald Trump, I would love to run against Eric Holder."

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