Whistleblower: VA Officials Have the Power to 'Ruin People's Lives'

'The VA's problems are a result of morally bankrupt managers that, through time and grade, have moved up to powerful positions'

VA Representative: VA Officials Have Power to ‘Ruin People’s Lives’ (National Review Online)

Whistleblower Kristen Ruell testified before a House committee on Monday that “morally bankrupt managers” at the Department of Veterans Affairs retaliated against her for raising concerns about the department’s practices, which were later confirmed in an inspector general’s report.

Ruell, who works as authorization quality services representative in Philadelphia, reported mismanagement and issues including improper mail shredding, glitches in the operating system, beneficiaries receiving inappropriate payments, and data manipulation. She said she was and continues to be targeted by upper-level officials who are still at the department.

VA managers “have the power to and continue to ruin people’s lives,” Ruell said. “I can speak from experience.”

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