Chris Murphy Blames Trump for ObamaCare Collapse

‘We want the Trump Administration to stop sabotaging the Affordable Health Care Act’

CAMEROTA: "But senator, if somehow today Republicans came to you and said 'okay, you win, we’re going to work with you, we’re going to find some consensus to fix ObamaCare,' what’s the first thing you do?"
MURPHY: "I think it’s there. So we want the Trump Administration to stop sabotaging the affordable health care act. That’s what trump is doing right now. He’s refusing to pay insurers. He won’t advertise for it. He’s not enforcing the individual mandates. We need some legislation that stops Trump sabotaging —"
CAMEROTA: "You saying it was just fine before the Trump Administration started doing this? Lots of people felt it was broke."
MURPHY: "Let’s remember before Trump took office we were on pace to have record enrollment in the Affordable Care Act. That enrollment dropped off of a cliff once Donald Trump was sworn into office."

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