John Bolton on North Korea, Otto Warmbier: ‘We Need to End this Regime’ by Reuniting the Peninsula

‘This has significant implications for economic dealing with North Korea’

HEMMER: "Big task here. What does the Trump team do? They should have started sanctions or where?"
BOLTON: "In the near term, I certainly I would favor reimposing every sanction we ever had on North Korea including adding them back to the list of state sponsors of terrorism. They never should have been removed from the list. This has significant implications for economic dealing with North Korea. We ought to put all that pressure back on we can. But honestly, we’ve seen enough of North Korea over the past 25 years to know they aren’t going to change their behavior because we put pressure on them. I think it’s time to to cut to the chase here and look at what we really need to do with this regime that commits acts of terrorism, that's pursuing nuclear weapons, that oppresses its own people. We need to end this regime. The way we end the regime is by reuniting the Korean peninsula."

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