Dershowitz: Trump Had the ‘Right to Fire’ Comey and ‘Make Him Stop the Investigation’

‘This is just becoming too political on both sides’


KILMEADE: "But in the big picture, when it comes to law, I worry about Robert Mueller and James Comey already being through the fire together. You know the animus James Comey has. He made it clear he thinks the President is a liar. How could Robert Mueller, Bronze Star and all, sterling reputation as well, honestly be dispassionate?"
DERSHOWITZ: “He can’t. Especially since he would be called as the first witness by the President if there were a case having him testify in front of Congress. The President had the right to fire him. The President had the right to make him stop the investigation. The other witness for the President, of course, would be Rosenstein who wrote the memo, saying, 'You should fire Comey.' So this is becoming very political. When you have the Justice Department itself being on both sides, prosecuting the president, possibly, and also serving as defense witnesses for the President. This is just becoming too political on both sides. Now, you have Republicans saying, 'Lock her up, let’s put the former Attorney General Lynch in jail.' We've got to stop this. We have to stop criminalizing political differences. The criminal law should be reserved for obvious violations of the criminal law that exists, not for making political points against your political enemies on both sides.”

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