Krauthammer: Iran Trying to Take ISIS’ Territory After They Are Defeated

‘And they showed that by long launching rockets today over Iraq into Syria, ostensibly at ISIS’

KRAUTHAMMER: "It does like the last year of the second World War. We are all fighting the Nazis, but we know they are finished. A lot of maneuvering in the last year was to try to figure out what it would look like after the Nazis. Now, the main enemy is about to be driven out of Mosul, Iraq will be cleared of them. What is going on now is the encircling of Raqqa, their last stronghold based in Syria. Within six months, probably a year, both of them will be gone. Everybody knows that. So, it is going on right now in Syria is the maneuvering. Iranians want to inherit the territory that is going to be lost by ISIS. And they showed that by long launching rockets today over Iraq into Syria, ostensibly at ISIS, as retaliation for the terror attacks. But really, a demonstration to Saudi Arabia, the Sunni Arabs, and everybody in the region, of their reach. The Iranian objective is to have, to inherit the territory of ISIS, which is to give them control of the entire northern part of the Middle East, from Iran, to Iraq, to Syria, much of the Mediterranean. The Persians have not had that in 2,000 years."

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