Cuomo Mocks GOP for Caring More About IRS than Helping Kids Crossing Border

‘You spend weeks subpoenaing emails, on you know, on – what’s going on with the IRS, but you’re really not going to fight your way into these kids?’

CNN’s Cuomo Mocks IRS Scandal During Immigration Segment; Asks 'Where is the Humanity' to Help Kids at Border (NewsBusters)

On Monday, viewers of CNN saw the hosts of New Day continue their championing of the Obama administration on illegal immigration with co-host Chris Cuomo asking for the rule of law to be set aside. Cuomo also mocked Republicans for being obsessed with the IRS scandal and not responding with compassion to the “flood of child humanity.” 

Speaking with CNN contributors Kevin Madden (a Republican strategist) and Dan Restrepo (a former adviser to President Obama on Latin American affairs), Cuomo began by wondering: Dan Restrepo, where is the humanity? People want to argue law. They should. They should also remember it was President Bush that signed this victim protection act that makes it difficult to repatriate kids, but let’s put the law aside because where is the humanity in this? How did kids get lost in partisan politics?

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