Klobuchar: It Would Be a ’Disaster’ if Trump Fired Mueller

‘The work is not done yet’


KLOBUCHAR: "Well, there are ongoing Senate intelligence committee investigations involving Democrats and Republicans coming together. You saw that committee doing its work over the last few weeks and they are not done. They are continuing to investigation Russian interference in our election. We’ve had 17 intelligence agencies with the U.S. Government, non-partisan, intelligence agencies saying it happened and now there’s a special counsel or special prosecutor investigating. The work is not done yet, and I think what I’m most disturbed about was the president’s tweet number four and the four tweets that occurred in the early morning hours in which he talked about the firing — that he was told to fire the FBI director from the deputy attorney general who is now investigating him when in fact, and this is public, because we asked at our briefing if it could be public, the deputy attorney general actually wrote the memo about the firing after he had been told that the president had planned to fire the FBI director, and so all of this just leads me to the conclusion that the special prosecutor Mueller who has just gotten this appointment, just hiring people, starting to do his job, must be allowed to do his job, and in the words of Lindsey Graham, my Republican colleague it would be simply a disaster at this point to fire him. He hasn’t even started doing his job."

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