Chris Collins on Congressional Shooting: ‘Many of Us... Need to Measure Our Words’

‘We all can be a little more measured’


JANSING: " He says he thinks that this horrific shooting yesterday, from what we just heard from the President, might have brought some unity to this long divided country. Do you believe that?”
COLLINS: “Well, Chris, certainly his words were appropriate. Yesterday at our 11:00 joint meeting of Republicans and Democrats, that was the tone and the mood of the room, as well as the chamber afterwards. I am certainly an optimist that is going to hope this does carry on. I believe many of us, myself included, because I’m a very substantial Trump supporter, need to measure our words. We are an echo chamber. And there are those, and clearly, the situation yesterday may have been partly a cause of that echo chamber and somebody perhaps a little mentally unstable then reacting in anger and so forth. So we all can be a little more measured. I know we can."

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