Mo Brooks: ‘We’re Very Fortunate He Was Not Shooting at Us or if He Was His Aim Was Not Very Good’

‘We’re very fortunate that he was not shooting at us or if he was his aim was not very good’


BROOKS: "At some point there were three or four of us face down eating grass, well, dirt, and a decision was made that if he comes around that third base dugout, we’ll be lying prone on the ground near home plate. We’ll have no defense whatsoever. He will only be 10 or 15 feet away. I don’t recall if it was an individual decision or collective decision that we needed to take the chance, expose ourselves to his fire by running from home plate to the first base dugout. That is what we all did and dove head first into the dugout. We’re very fortunate that he was not shooting at us or if he was, his aim was not very good."

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