Rep. Roger Williams on Tomorrow’s Game: ‘Some of Us Will Be on the Injured Reserve’

‘We need to play this baseball game’


WILLIAMS: “Some of us are on the injured reserve list right now, but I think we were supposed to have breakfast tomorrow. That’s been cancelled, I believe. And I believe what we will have is we’ll get there a little early tomorrow night, maybe have a prayer service or something and then play baseball. Not sure which one I’ll be. I’ll be the one coaching third on crutches. Yeah, we're going to play. We need to play. This is a game that’s been going on for over 100 years. It goes to charity. We need to play this baseball game. So I’m excited that we decided to do that. I talked to the Speaker today about it, told him that I felt like we should play. I know he talked to Congressman Doyle and Congressman Barton. We all agreed we need to play baseball.”

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