Schiff: If Trump Fires Mueller, I Hope It Would Be the ‘Last Straw’ for the GOP

‘I don’t think Congress would sit still and allow the president to pick his own investigator’



FORD JR: “Congressman, very quickly, what sense do you have that the Republicans in the House and Senate, if President Trump were to go forward with relieving or firing Bob Mueller, what sense do you have of how many Republicans might express anger and might be willing to act in a very aggressive way, either by approving a special counsel act or even going further?” 
SCHIFF: “I think I would hope that would be the last straw for many Republicans that have stayed their hand and not been willing to speak out. If he were to take this step with all its echoes of Watergate, I would hope that what Congress would immediately do would be to take up an independent counsel law, maybe one that was single purpose, not that gave indefinite life to independent counsel but rather authorize this investigation so that Bob Mueller could be reappointed."

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