Trump to Clemson: ‘During that Championship Game, All of You Shined’

‘What people don’t realize about Clemson, it’s a great academic school’


TRUMP: "Nine of you went to the NFL scouting combine and two of you were drafted in the first round. That’s pretty good. But during that championship game, all of you shined. Every single one. Offensive, MVP quarterback Deshaun Watson took some very, very hard hits, but he never rattled. He’s great under pressure. I’ve seen that, I’ve heard that. He’s great under pressure. That's a good thing to be. He’s great under pressure. He always got right back up and he fought and he fought and kept winning. Now he will bring that toughness together to the Houston Texans. And I have the owners of the Texans here someplace, I just saw them and they’re so excited about Deshaun. Defensive tackle Carlos Watkins had an incredible game and he will be joining Desean in Houston. I'm going to be watching that team very closely."

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