MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell: Why Does the White House Have its 'Feet in Cement'?

'It seems as though they are always reacting to the VA, to this crisis, to that crisis, rather than anticipating that this was developing along the border'

Mitchell: Why Does the White House Have Its ‘Feet in Cement?’ (Washington Free Beacon)

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell’s exasperation with the Obama administration continued Thursday, asking reporter Peter Alexander why the White House had its “feet in cement” on the border crisis.

Alexander acknowledged the White House was being “stubborn” on the topic, although he added aides have told them their approach is about “problem-solving” rather than optics. Obama himself made the humorous claim that he’s “not interested in photo ops” during a Wednesday press conference.

Mitchell then asked Bloomberg’s Jeanne Cummings whether the administration had underestimated the political significance of the issue, accusing Obama of a reactive nature to every scandal and problem. Colleague Chuck Todd made a near-verbatim argument on Morning Joe Wednesday, and Cummings agreed with Mitchell’s assessment.

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