ABC’s Dowd: I Don’t Get Why Trump and His Allies Attack Comey Who They Know Is ‘Best Friends’ with Mueller

‘Robert Mueller has a lot of weight on his shoulders’

DOWD: "Let the facts show where they are. Don’t draw a conclusion that there is obstruction of justice, but don’t draw a conclusion yet that there is (ph) obstruction of justice. To me, this is a lot like — as we look at the scale of this, it’s a lot like when you clean out your garage, right? And we’re at the stage of where you just pulled your car out and you’re just starting to unload, and now you’re going to start seeing what’s in there and what the mess is, and you might find a rat in the corner or you might find cockroaches. We are in that point in time where they are just now cleaning out the garage. And Robert Mueller has a lot of weight on his shoulders because fundamentally, I mean, House committee and Senate committee are going to do their job. But fundamentally this is going to fall on him. And what I don’t get in the course of this is why Donald Trump, the president, and people associated with him have gone on the attack of Comey which — who they have to know is best friends with Robert Mueller."

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