Herman: Trump’s Attorney Is ‘a Fish out of Water, He Has No Idea What He’s Doing’

‘He does not know the law on executive privilege, which was waived’

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HERMAN:"You know, Fred, this is so preposterous for anybody in the legal profession to see what's going on here with this kasowitz who is completely a fish out of water. He has no idea what he's doing."

WHITFIELD: "Marc Kasowitz, the attorney representing Donald Trump."

HERMAN: "He does not know the law, he does not know the law on whistle blower. He does not know the law on executive privilege, which was waived. He does not know the law on the fact that Comey at the time kept notes, personal memoranda. He disseminated them as a private citizen. Not as an employee of the FBI to a friend who read experts of those to "The New York Times." There's no privilege here, Fred. This is not a national security issue. There is nothing wrong with what Comey did here. Nothing at all. And this barking by his attorney is just more absurdity coming from the trump team. It's just outrageous. He needs a real criminal defense attorney, Mr. Trump. He needs one now. Not a general practitioner who's like a barking dog talking meaningless rubbage. That's what it is, Fred."

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