Muslim Guest Claims Police Are Persecuting Them: ‘Very Profitable’ to Speak out Against Muslims

‘It is not profitable to be speaking against those other groups’

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CARLSON: "Is not profitable to be speaking against those other groups. Right now it’s very profitable to be speaking against Muslims because it’s feeding against this wartime efforts."
IMANI: "We can debate the details here, I think it’s important to acknowledge a baseline. There have been an awful lot of attacks where actual people died in the United States and in Europe, committed by people saying were acting in the name of Islam. Other Muslims that you don’t ask for my name and you’re perverting a religion. There are still people who have killed a lot of other people in the name of Islam. It’s not like some massive fantasy that law enforcement is acting out of, this is a real thing. I don’t understand why groups like yours want to acknowledge the reality of that because it’s there, it’s true. "

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