Scott Brown Cites Scalia, Sotomayor as Model Supreme Court Justices

Also likes Justices Roberts and Kennedy

Scott Brown Really Shot Himself In The Foot When He Said Justice Scalia Was His 'Model' Supreme Court Justice (Business Insider)

Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren covered her face as the crowd booed her challenger, Republican Scott Brown. Brown had just hailed Justice Antonin Scalia as his "model" Supreme Court justice, and Warren was already using the opportunity to pounce.

During a contentious second Massachusetts Senate debate, Brown went through a wild swing of opinions when moderator David Gregory asked him his "model" justice.

"Let me see, here. That's a great question," Brown said. "I think Justice Scalia is a very good judge."

The crowd at the debate immediately booed, and Warren began to cover up her face, perhaps realizing her challenger's mistake.

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