Morning Joe: Sarah Palin, GOP Too Extreme Even for Wall Street Journal

'I must say, for the Wall Street Journal editorial board to talk about extremism is a little much'

Morning Joe: Palin, GOP Too Extreme Even for Wall Street Journal (Mediaite)

Morning Joe cohost Joe Scarborough agreed Thursday morning with a Wall Street Journaleditorial calling the recent outbreak of impeachment talk, led by Sarah Palin, delusional, and the panel argued that it really said something when the WSJ ed board, not the most liberal cabal that ever gathered, found the GOP’s tactics too extreme.

“I must say for the Wall Street Journal editorial board to talk about extremism is a little much,” MJregular Cokie Roberts said. “They have certainly been guilty of that themselves, to put it mildly.” (Ahem.)

“Or, maybe it’s a sign things have gotten so extreme that even they see it as extreme,” cohost Mika Brzezinski said.

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