Joy Behar: Hasselbeck’s ‘Hate-Filled Remark’ About Rosie O’Donnell Was ‘Below the Belt’

‘Isn’t it kind of a nasty thing to say about somebody who basically is a good person ... she has a million kids, she’s always rescuing children’

Joy Behar: Hasselbeck’s ‘Hate-Filled Remark’ About Rosie Was ‘Below the Belt’ (Mediaite)

The View veteran Joy Behar joined Don Lemonon CNN Wednesday night to share her thoughts on the internal politics surrounding the daytime show. Behar welcomed the idea of Rosie O’Donnell returning and scolded Elisabeth Hasselbeck for making a “hate-filled remark” at O’Donnell’s expense.

Hasselbeck called in to Fox & Friends early Wednesday morning and warned that O’Donnell will try to take control of The View. And not only that, Hasselbeck alleged O’Donnell used Barbara Walters‘ retirement as a comeback show and that O’Donnell hates America’s military.

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