Matt Schlapp and David Frum Battle over Comey, Trump: ‘I’m Not an Ugly Dog’

‘David, I’m not an ugly dog and I’m not taking the air time’

‘I’m Not an Ugly Dog’: Matt Schlapp and David Frum Get Nasty on CNN’s New Day (Mediaite)

Well, things got pretty contentious this morning on CNN’s New Day.

During a discussion about former FBI Director James Comey’s Senate testimony, The Atlantic senior editor David Frum and American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp went at it, with Schlapp taking on the role of Trump defender and Frum stating the hearing was bad for the White House.

The two men began to talk over one another when Frum interrupted Schlapp to say that “you can’t fire the person asking the question” after Schlapp had noted that it is extremely stressful to be caught up in an investigation. With the back-and-forth getting a bit more chaotic and both guys trying to make their cases, Frum observed that the post-testimony period was ” turning into an ugly dog contest for pathetic talking points.”

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