Jon Ossoff Gets Fact Checked by Moderator over Planned Parenthood Lie

‘According to the fact checkers at the Washington Post, Planned Parenthood does in fact not provide mammograms’

OSSOFF: "Planned Parenthood provides hundreds of thousands of breast screenings per year and now Secretary Handel has said that she didn't lead the effort. So she was either telling the truth then or she's telling the truth now."

MODERATOR: "We're going to move on. On Planned Parenthood, though, so bear with me. We've got a couple of fact checks here that might please both sides or make both sides less than happy. Planned Parenthood, according to the fact-checkers at 'The Washington Post,' does, in fact, not provide mammograms. It does do physical exams, so the claim from Secretary Handel that it does not provide mammograms was rated true." 

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