Hannity: Comey’s Statement Blows Trump-Russia Collusion out of the Water, Shoots Down Obstruction Charges

‘The president did not obstruct justice’


HANNITY: "Earlier today, the former FBI Director James Comey released his opening statement that he will give tomorrow before the Senate Intelligence Committee. This statement contains several key points that blow the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory completely out of the water and it completely shoots down the media and the Democrats and all the hyperventilating and foaming at the mouth about obstruction of justice. Now we have discovered that they have been lying to you for months. We are going to cover everything in terms of the self-serving document released by Comey — it almost reads like a novel — in great detail tonight. But here are some very key points that I want to tell you about. Number one, the President did not obstruct justice. Comey never says his interactions with the President were inappropriate or illegal. By the way, and this is key, that they constituted in any way obstruction of justice or violation of the law. Number two, Comey told President Trump that he was not personally under investigation, the President wasn't."

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