Lewandowski: Trump Asked Comey for Loyalty to the Country

‘ — and loyalty to make sure that people have the justice system that they want’

LEWANDOWSKI: "What the president asked for is loyalty to the country, and loyalty to make sure that people have the justice system that they want. That is not unheard of, and that is not uncalled for. What the president asked for, and the President-Elect, was to develop a rapport with the FBI director. If you read the entire statement, you find he had two conversations with Barack Obama when he was the president of the United States. One was to say goodbye. He had nine separate conversations with the president and multiple meetings. The difference is that this president is hands-on, but wanting to make sure the Justice Department is available, and he made a decision as commander in chief to relieve a person in duty there was no longer capable of running the FBI."

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