Rep. Rooney: Something Wrong with Dan Kildee if He’s Not Willing to Confront Radical Islamic Terror

‘I think there’s something wrong with this congressman’


BERMAN: "We had Dan Kildee, Democratic congressman from Michigan on yesterday, who had a different take on some of the things that the president has been writing, particularly about the travel ban, particularly about the mayor of London. He says — this is Dan Kildee — 'There’s something wrong with this guy. He’s supposed to be a leader. He’s supposed to exercise moral authority, and he just seems to have no impulse control.' So, the Michigan congressman is almost asserting that the President is unstable. Do you have a reaction to that?" 
ROONEY: "I think there’s something wrong with this congressman if he’s not willing to confront radical Islamic terrorists and fight the fight that we need to fight." 

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