James Woolsey: Qatar Is Locked into Its Radical Islam Funding

‘Our best friends in this are real moderate Muslims, I don’t mean the Muslim Brotherhood’


WOOLSEY: "We are better here in the United States at assimilating people from all sorts of different cultural and religious backgrounds than practically any place else. But we are the subject now of a flood of people coming in and educating themselves or having their children educated here in the United States using various types of media and so on in support radicalism. And we -- we simply have to get that issue joint. Our best friends on this are a real moderate Muslims. I don't mean, the Muslim brotherhood, I mean, real moderate Muslims."
WOOLSEY: "People of the attitudes of Abdurrahman Wahid, the late president of Indonesia who was used to rent soccer stadiums all over Indonesia and take Indonesia's leading rock star with him to teach kids songs about religious freedom. He was amazing. That tradition exist within Islam but it's not mainly what comes out of the Arabian desert. But it's very interesting to see these five countries now have turned against Qatar for its financing of radical Islam. I was pleased to see that."

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