Bill Richardson: ObamaCare Will Be One of Obama’s Crowning Achievements

Says the tea party’s threats to defund the health program is a ‘suicidal mission’

Bill Richardson: Obamacare "Will Be One Of Obama's Crowning Achievements" (RealClearPolitics)

BILL RICHARDSON: Well, I think we should focus on the good things that have happened with Obamacare. Healthcare prices have gone down; those insured with preexisting conditions, that's been resolved. The issue of seniors getting lower prescription drug costs, that's good.

But, you know, a lot of it, David, is up to governors. It's up to the states. The states, the governors have the ultimate decision on, "Do we accept more Medicaid? Do we participate in the healthcare exchanges?" And it's split. But I think eventually, when this Obamacare is implemented, and I think it will be implemented, it will be one of his crowning achievements in the first term.

But right now, short term, a lot of difficulty. There's a lot of politics. And I agree with Ana, I mean, you have the Tea Party basically saying, "We're going to de-fund Obamacare, or we're going to shut down the government." I mean, that's a suicidal mission.

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