Cornyn: It's 'Frustrating' and 'Puzzling' that Obama Won't Visit the Border

'I wish the president would step up and lead, and he would learn perhaps something he did not already know or that he thinks he knows and which is absolutely wrong'

Cornyn: ‘Frustrating’ and ‘Puzzling’ that Obama Won’t Visit Border (Washington Free Beacon)

Sen. John Cornyn (R., Texas) called it “puzzling” and “frustrating” Monday that President Obama would not visit the Mexican-American border and take a stronger leadership stance on the humanitarian crisis happening there.

Obama will attend three fundraisers in Texas next week, but the White House announced he will not visit the border and Obama is not worried about the optics of raising money given the situation there.

“I think the problem speaks for itself when the president, who would prefer to hang out with campaign donors and other political supporters, would decide not to have any interaction with those that are directly affected by his failed policies, in this case the failed immigration policies that led to a full-blown humanitarian crisis,” Cornyn said on the Senate floor.

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