Climate Scientist: ‘Ironic’ James Inhofe Is Denying Climate Change When His State Is on the Front Lines of the Impact

‘His own state, Oklahoma, is very much on the front lines of climate change impacts’


MANN: "You know, we are still back in this madhouse. We thought we had moved past it, but some of our most senior elected representatives like James Inhofe still deny that climate change is even happening. Although I do note that he did not respond to your effort to get him to comment on the fact that the three warmest years on record have all been in the past three years. I took that as maybe an indication that maybe he moved slightly beyond the outright denial of the science, but he is still denying that there's a problem, he is still denying the impact that climate change is halving. And it's rather ironic because his own state, Oklahoma, is very much on the front lines of climate change impacts. They saw the worse drought on record, the worst heat wave on record in 2011, and Texas and Oklahoma lost something like 25 percent of their cattle, agriculture was devastated. And climate scientists have demonstrated that that drought was made worse, it was made more intense and longer by human-caused climate change."

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