Rep. Crowely: Trump Is the Only Person Denying There Was a Strong Influence of Russia in This Election

‘Books have yet to be written about what happened during all this time’


CROWLEY: “I think there are a lot of things that contributed to the loss. And I think she would even suggest that maybe her performance wasn’t the best.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Right. No, I —“
CROWLEY: “But having said that -- and she’s a very dear friend of mine and I admire her greatly, I do think there were a number of things that went on in the national election. I think we’ll be analyzing this for maybe years to come, I think. Books have yet to be written about what happened during all this time. I do think that it was a strong influence of Russia in this election. All the top intelligence agencies have said that. The only person who keeps denying it or not acknowledging is the president.”

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