Hannity: Trump ‘Gently’ Pushed Montenegro President

‘They were talking about Trump the bully’

RIVERA: "Impeachment is a fantasy. I want to give you one more example of how twisted things have become. The president returned from this nine-day trip in the Middle East and Europe. By the time he got to the group shot of the European Union members, he pushed aside the Montenegro president -- the five big powers traditionally have the front row."
HANNITY: "He gently -- "
RIVERA: "For a day and a half, they talked about that. Rather than what happened in Saudi Arabia, good or ill. Israel, good or ill. The Vatican. They were talking about Trump the bully. The personification. It's so stupid where we are right now. The press trying to stop this guy in the back. It's so disheartening and unnecessary. At some point, it becomes unpatriotic."

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