Stirewalt: Pulling out of Paris Accord Shows Trump Angering Europeans and That’s Something His Base Likes

‘This is something for Donald Trump’s base, something that shows him as a man of action’


STIREWALT: "Well, the people in the business community, a lot of people in the business community take the point of view that the United States should do with the Paris climate deal what other countries do, what some of the countries do and ignore it. Stay in it and say, 'But we can’t make these things that we said we were going to make and these were too ambitious and we are going to scale that back.' So you stay in it and you water it down, so that way you get a seat at the table, you are still part of the discussion. Once the United States pulls out, once we leave, then the rest of the world goes on on its own hook and the United States is over here. The business community of course is worried that eventually when a Democrat becomes president again, what happens in terms of the consequences later are much steeper. But this is something for Donald Trump’s base, something that shows him as a man of action, shows him engaged, and shows him doing a big thing that will anger Europeans and angering Europeans is something his base likes."

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