MSNBC: Trump to Pull the U.S out of the Paris Climate Accords

‘195 countries are a part of this Paris climate change accord right now’


ALEXANDER: "So 195 countries are a part of this Paris climate change accord right now. Some of the outliers, those countries that do not join this agreement, or haven't in the past, Nicaragua and Syria and it appears you'll be able to add the United States to that list now. 'Axios' is first to report the president is expected to announce that he will be pulling the United States out of that climate change deal. We had heard from a senior adviser during the trip at the G-7 overseas jut last week that his position on climate change had been evolving. You’ll remember in the past on Twitter he had said in the fact that this concept was made up by the Chinese and for the Chinese to try to make them more competitive and make the U.S. manufacturing market less competitive on the world stage."

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