Michael Schmidt: We Haven’t Seen How Trump Is Going to Deal with NATO in a Real Crisis

‘I think a lot of this early on obviously is rhetoric’


SCHMIDT: “I think a lot of this early on obviously is rhetoric. What we haven’t seen is how he’s going to deal with these countries and NATO and such in a real crisis. We’re four months in. On the international sphere, there’s been North Korean missile launches and such and there's been problems in Afghanistan, obviously an awful bombing today. We haven’t really seen him have to do anything. What’s going to happen when in Afghanistan they have to come up with a new troop level there and he has to work with NATO there to try and get them to bring more troops on or if there’s issues that continue in Iraq and they struggle in Mosul. We haven’t seen any real crisis besides ones that have been caused by the inner working of the White House." 

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