Gingrich: Trump Represents the End of the Left’s World

‘This is a frenzied, almost death behavior by the left’


GINGRICH: "This is a frenzied, almost a death behavior by the left, because they are in such trouble, and Trump potentially represents the end of their world. You have very powerful institutions. I mean, the amount of leaking coming out of the intelligence community is staggering. It’s all illegal. People should go to jail. I wrote my newsletter on this last week, and I said that leakers should be locked up. But it is deeper than that. 'The Washington Post' stories are — someday, historians are going to look back on this and say, 'It was one of the funniest periods in American history.' Here you have Barack Obama who created background techniques for communicating with Iran during his transition, clearly assigned because it was Obama that it was quite clever. Now you have the Trump people who may have done the parallel thing during the transition." 

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