CNN Links Trump to Racist Rants: ‘It Could Also Be a Trump Factor Behind It All’

‘It also could be a Trump factor behind it all’

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GILLESPIE: “These videos remind us that race has been a constant and persistent problem in the United States.”
SANDOVAL (voice-over): “There’s been a spike of a number of racist rants posted on social media, experts say.”
GROSSMAN: “As technology becomes even more and more mainstream and more and more people are having smartphone devices and video capability, it’s just going to be exploding more and more.”
SANDOVAL (voice-over): “Recording these kinds of confrontations also may empower people to expose the racism, says Gillespie. It could also be a Trump factor behind it all.”
GILLESPIE: “People perhaps feel more emboldened to express politically incorrect points of view as a result of President Trump’s success in being able to use political incorrectness as a tool to be able to be elected president. But I think it's important to know that these people held these points of view long before Donald Trump emerged as a political figure.”

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