Phil Mudd: Trump Has It ‘Ass-Backwards’ with the Travel Ban

‘Immigrants are not the source of most of the terrorist problems we had’

BLITZER: "Phil, is there a real national security issue at stake here?"
MUDD: "Heck no. This is ass backwards. If you come into the office, into the oval office you have a simple question. Let’s go to the practitioners and say we want to be a lot more aggressive. What might be helpful. Let me tell you a couple of things that the FBI and the CIA and the major city police chiefs would not say. Number one, immigrants are not the source of most of the terrorist problems we had. When we did terror threat cases every day, I did four-and-a-half years of these, thousands of cases, these are typically native born Americans or people who have been here a long time. They’re not immigrants."

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