Paul Ryan: ObamaCare Is in the ‘Middle of a Collapse’

‘Since ObamaCare went into effect, average health care premiums doubled nationwide’


RYAN: "Just yesterday, a new shoe drops every week on ObamaCare it seems. Just yesterday, Blue Cross and Blue Shield announced that it will pull out of 32 counties in Kansas and Missouri. This will affect 67,000 people. Citing all the losses that it had taken over 2016 the company said, and I quote, 'this is unsustainable.' This is exactly why we are on a rescue mission. Between premiums surging up and choices going away, ObamaCare is on an unsustainable path. Look the Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, they are the nonprofits. There the typically the last plane standing in a market. And when they’re pulling out of states like Kansas and Missouri, we have a serious problem on our hands. This law is in the middle of a collapse. We need to bring down the cost of coverage and we need to revitalize the market so that people have real choices and rail access to affordable health care. That’s what our plan will do."

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