Krauthammer: I Am Unimpressed with the CBO Numbers; They Got It Wrong by a Lot Last Time

‘They got it wrong by a lot last time’

BAIER: " Chad pergamum put in Speaker Ryan said "I feel good. It's great."
KRAUTHAMMER: He can go and play golf until the Senate deals with it. I am unimpressed with the cbo and the cbo numbers. They got it wrong by a lot last time. Of course you're going to give an increase in the number of noninsured when you abolish the provision that requires young people to buy health insurance. It's uneconomical and unnecessary. You abolish the compulsion, you're going to get fewer people purchasing health insurance. That's a rational economic decision. Second, the major expansion of the coverage was from the lifting of the Medicare, the Medicaid cap. Medicaid was intended to cover the poor. The affordable care act, ObamaCare, raised back to 400% of the poverty level. Why is that a sacred number? If you reduce it to 200%, you're not even talking about the poor. This is into the middle class. A huge expansion of entitlements in a country that thinks of itself as serious as we need to entitlement reform and the minute you do something that acts on it, you get screeches of horror like from Chuck Schumer and accusations of cruelty.


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