Kurtz: Media Would Have Their ‘Hair on Fire’ if Colbert Told Crude Joke About Obama

‘Never thought the FCC would take any action against CBS over this crude and disgusting sexual joke that Stephen Colbert made about President Trump’


KURTZ: "Well, it was the silence that was deafening. Obviously, there was some criticism in the media. Ultimately I think this is not a matter for government but here you have late night host, they're almost all anti-Trump now except for Jimmy Fallon, you're making this incredibly crude joke about Putin and Trump and yet I didn’t hear a lot of the pieces written or a lot of talk on television about how he should apologize. Instead he had a very lame sort of non-apology. I didn’t hear a lot of denunciation. I think a lot of people in the mainstream media, they're like, 'Yeah, sure, it's Trump. Everything goes.' I think the standards have shifted. If this kind of joke was made about Barack Obama there would have been a lot more people with their hair on fire. That to me was more telling than whether this government agency takes action or not action."

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