Kasich: I Give Trump Credit for Going to Saudi Arabia to Get Muslim Leaders to Fight Terror

‘I give President Trump credit for this’


KASICH: "I watched your coverage this morning. It just broke my heart. You know, sometimes we read it in a newspaper, whatever. But you see the mothers that are crying and they don’t know where their children are and are they going to — they know that they’re not coming back, but they’re holding out hope that they’re in a hospital somewhere. Look. We can’t run away and hide, but we have to do everything that we can do to protect not just the inside but a little bit of the perimeter. But what I think is so important is who helped this guy build this vest? We have to track this down. And it means good intelligence, and it means cooperation worldwide. And it also means — and I give President Trump credit for this, everybody in the world is civilized; whether you’re Christian, Jew, Muslim, it doesn’t matter. We all have to stand up and make the argument that this culture of death, of destroying young people is not acceptable and we must stomp it out. And those who sit on the fence to think about this, we have to pull them over and say, 'You cannot be somebody that brings terror to people of -- of all ages and all race and all gender.'"

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